Lyme Disease   

This segment of the website offers encouragement and helpful resources for those dealing with Lyme Disease. Approximately two calls per week come in to Way of Life from people who have questions or need support during Lyme diagnosis and treatment.

If you are reading this because you are on the journey with this disease, we pray you find strength and encouragement through the resources provided here. If you are reading this just because you are curious, please bookmark this website, because, in all likelihood, you will meet someone with Lyme in less than a year, and when you do you, you will have a ready resource to offer them!


Cheryl's story

In May of 2003, after years of mysterious waxing and waning of symptoms, I was diagnosed with late-stage Lyme Disease. At that time, I was in a wheelchair, partially paralyzed. I looked like someone who had either experienced a severe stroke or suffered from cerebral palsy. My doctors labeled me "profoundly disabled." And I thus began a journey with a debilitating disease that has cost many their marriages and, in some cases, their own lives to suicide or to death by the disease or complications thereof. I remember my doctor presenting me with the good news and the bad news about Lyme. It went something like this: "The good news is that you have Lyme disease and you probably won't die from this disease. The bad news is that you have Lyme disease and you probably won't die from this disease." I didn't understand it at the time, but the journey with Lyme is long, painful, grossly misunderstood and extremely fatiguing - mentally, physically and emotionally.

But there is good news!

Through the Lyme journey, God taught my husband and I much. Our story can be summarized like this: God taught me how to let go and He taught my husband how to love. It's as simple as that! Prior to my Lyme days, I was extremely self-sufficient. I was the one to lean into, rely on and go to in times of crisis. My husband loved my self-sufficiency because it made life convenient for him. It was easy for him to love me because I made life easy for him. You can probably imagine how our worlds turned upside down as that to which we had become accustomed in one another was challenged to the core. But what Satan intends for evil, God makes for good for those who love Him and call Him by name!

And call upon God we did! I leaned heavily into God, and- in whatever measure I was physically able to do so - I prayed, studied God's Word and digested bite-sized morsels of truth from friends grounded in the Scriptures. I learned how to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. And, over time, the Lord healed me - not just from the disease, but from the severe illness of self-sufficiency. Rather than leaning on my own strength apart from God, I learned to ask Him, - "Lord, what would You have me do with the strength You have given me today?" And so, during the dark days of IV drips, hospital trips and painful dips in my health, I learned to look to the Lord for His direction on how to serve with my sometimes little strength, and I gained a new perspective about what really mattered. It was only the eternal things that would last, and not the temporal fruits yielded by my self-sufficient efforts.

To this day, I am astounded that the Lord would heal one such as myself. And I want to be a good steward of this healing by encouraging you that He is still on the throne and worthy of our praise whether in need or in plenty. Keep seeking Him above all else. If you need someone to pray with you, I would be happy to do so. Click here to contact me. And if you would like to read my full testimony - a story that is broader than what I've shared here - you can do so by clicking here.

In addition to my testimony, there is a link to the supplemental protocol I used to support my treatment of Lyme. There are also links to several Lyme related websites posted below.


Lyme Links

Links to other sites are provided for ease of research only. Information on those sites is the product of the website author and represents the opinion of those who publish the sites and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or judgment of Cheryl Scanlan and/or any of her affiliates. 

NC State/Local Lyme Support

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE: on spirochete reproduction and behavior

PHOTOS: Lab pictures of Lyme
PHOTOS: Excellent pictures of ticks:

GOVERNMENT INITIATIVES: Lyme Disease Assocation - Excellent information on state and federal government initiatives with representative contact information for each state:


Lyme Aware:


FILM: Lyme Documentary produced by Andy Abrams Wilson

Lyme Disease Treatment Guidelines - ILADS


FAIRLY EXHAUSTIVE APPENDIX OF LYME LINKS from a young lady who has Lyme and wanted to help the community.


Diseases carried by ticks:


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He is still

on the throne

and worthy of our praise

whether in need

or in plenty.

- Cheryl