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Cheryl has coached me in making changes in my life that has advanced both my personal and professional life. In one session with Cheryl, areas of my life that had been unclear and an energy drainer became visible. The clarity and purpose I left that session with energized me to move forward with intent and purpose. Cheryl's coaching me is far from complete, but that energizes me as well because I know there are many new opportunities for me to become all God has called me to be.

- Laura Dornbusch, AHA Strategic Partners, LLC


Way of Life coaching helped me to reach new heights!!! Things that I only thought might be possible were turned into a reality with coaching from Cheryl Scanlan.  Cheryl has the unique ability to help a client create a clearer picture of what needs to happen and see that they have the ability and resources to achieve it. Through her coaching I was able to have the confidence to have difficult conversations and become a better manager.

Cheryl's dedication to other's personal improvement is unparalleled. She has a knack for asking thought provoking questions as the exact right moment!  She coached me through many challenges with our business!   With Cheryl's weekly support we were able to improve efficiency by accomplishing more in less time and being more proactive in running our business.   She worked with our Sales Agents to help them surpass, visualize, plan for, and achieve their goals.

Cheryl  has been more than just a coach, she has been a devoted advocate for my personal growth and achievements! She is an amazing mentor and gifted coach. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow personally, professionally and spiritually.  

-Trinity Gregor, Internal Coach, Manager at reganco.com


I have been in leadership management for over 25 years and have had the opportunity to lead corporations out of crisis and distressed states to profitable enterprises. The expectations of the principles that I have worked for  has always been to bring solutions to the table and resolve problems very quickly to turn around companies. After working with Cheryl, she gave me some tools to enhance my listening skills which has proven to be very valuable to me as an individual and to my organization as an executive. I also have spent a large amount of my time developing leaders for companies and often I have felt that I had to own the success of the person I was coaching. Through Way of Life Coaching, I was able to see the value of the person taking ownership for their success and this has been a healthy change for me and my team. I highly recommend this program to executives or anyone that has a desire to improve as individuals, leaders of their family, leaders in the community and improve their value to their company.

If you want someone to hold you accountable and tell you what you DON'T want to hear but tell you what you NEED to hear to improve your skills, then I suggest you schedule a consultation with Cheryl. She will press the grapes to make you better.

- Joseph Humphries, Director of Operations at K-Flex USA L.L.C.



Several month's ago, Cheryl was asked by my employer CRF to work with me as a life-career coach to stimulate better skills, and vision during a departmental restructuring in the office. The focus of our time together was too improve my lacking customer services skills which stemmed from self-defeating habits and insecurities forged over years with a low-self image.  I was essentially stuck in a rut of desiring to assist folks with their Technology Issues and needs but not having the technique structure in place to properly manage these interactions.  Cheryl has wonderfully assisted me in ways to improve my harmful behavior patterns by refusing to allow me to continue blindly ignoring them. In speaking biblical truth in love to me, Cheryl as allowed the light bulb to be turned on so that where I once saw through a window dimly, I can now see and stand in a fully lit room.  She gently but firmly tweaked negatively closed defensive responses which were life draining into open positive life affirming responses to others.

- David Deim, Network Administrator at Crossroads Fellowship



I have owned my own business for the past 25 years. Over this time span I have been blessed my many relationships and friends. I am blessed to say the Cheryl Scanlan is among those people. I have grown to appreciate her coaching methods and her heart for serving me in our coaching relationship.

She has had a knack for sifting through all of my rambling and asked questions that stretched me. She heard my words but more importantly she listened with her heart and invested time and energy in me. She challenged me when I made a stand and allowed me to gain confidence. She allowed me explore the issue whenever I attempted to convince myself that I was right. Cheryl accomplished this by listening and asking powerful questions that caused me to think and grow. As a coach she was honest, invested in our relationship and caring as a coach.

I have been blessed by my coaching relationship with Cheryl. I am and will be forever blessed by her efforts and coaching skills. My prayer is that you can experience this first hand by inviting Cheryl Scanlan to walk with you for a while.

- Jay D. Parks, President, Jay D. Parks & Assoc. CPA's, PC



I have been in technology related leadership management roles for the past several years however, in my current job I am required to present to large audiences and at board meetings which was making me a little uncomfortable. After working with Cheryl Scanlan, she gave me tools to improve my presentation skills and through her coaching I am able to present more confidently and have developed an understanding of how to design the presentations based on the audience. Cheryl is a great listener and during the coaching sessions I felt very comfortable discussing my shortcomings with her.

Cheryl's unique ability to coach and mentor has helped me tremendously and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in professional and personal development.

- Leena Gademsky, Director, Information Technology, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association



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Cheryl coached me

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- David Diem