Group Coaching 

Group Coaching is a powerful mechanism for change for those who are motivated to grow in a collaborative and supportive community environment.

When we hear others experiencing similar challenges, we do not feel as isolated and something shifts inside of us. We are more ready to face the work that is set in front of us because we know we are not alone.

When we hear other's victories, it emboldens us to step into those successes that are waiting just around the corner.

Way of Life Coaching LLC (WOL) offers you three forms of Group Coaching depending on your need:

Personal Development: Promised Land Living (PLL) is a journey of discovery for men and women seeking to live out their faith more fully. When you desire a deeper sense of fulfillment, a greater sense of courage and/or a clearer sense of purpose, PLL is available as a "come along side" ministry, encouraging you and supporting you in your journey. This process is the capstone of our business. Our vision is to see cities of refuge set up all across the world, where people's faiths are ignited and believers are prepared to live out their faith fervently and victoriously in an increasingly hostile environment. Several courses are offered per year.

Professional Development: ACT! Is a 30 CCEU course designed to help you understand coaching from a biblical perspective. This course is for pastors, lay leaders, Christian coaches and those exploring coaching professionally. By the end of this group training, participants will be able to coach people using the fundamental tools of coaching including setting up a clear agreement for the call, exploring the needs of a client and securing action items for the next call. Participants will leave with a greater confidence in their understanding of how coaching works and how they can use coaching in their respective family, ministry and business settings. Seating is limited to 10 participants per group and it is only offered two times per year so register now!

Business Development: The Grow Your Business Group (GYBG) is for those ready to take their small businesses (annual revenue of $5,000 to $250,000) to the next level. This group is for entrepreneurs wanting to gain traction with their businesses. The energy for our businesses comes from us. So if we are stalled, unsure of next steps or discouraged, our businesses will quickly reflect that. GYBGs are designed to help you leave each group meeting with very specific next steps to invigorate you and your business. By the end of the 10 weeks, you will have the beginnings of a real business plan that you can continue to build upon after the group is over! Seating  is limited to five people per group and is offered only twice so register now!