ACT! Coach Training (30 CCEUs)

Imagine having the training needed to help people explore what currently seems impossible;
to help them dig deeper and move further into the future they envision God has for their life.


What is ACT! Coach Training?

Our proprietary course training process (approved for 30 CCEUs) credit hours by the International Coach Federation (ICF), is built upon biblical principles and teaches you coaching competencies from the fundamental core level to the advanced skill level.  


Who is it for?

ACT! Coach Training courses focuses on equipping students with Christian coaching competencies based on a biblical world viewpoint. The course is designed for:

  • professional coaches seeking training and credits
  • pastors/ministers
  • elders
  • volunteers who wish to utilize coaching skills as part of their ministry and calling.


Course Description

ACT! Coach Training is an online, highly interactive curriculum that is taught over several weeks. Our proprietary course training process is approved for a total of 30 CCEU credit hours by the International Coach Federation (ICF

ACT! I (30 CCEU hours): FOUNDATIONS: Biblical Life Coaching Basics 

  • There is no pre-requisite for ACT! I.
  • All class hours are eligible for CCEU credit.


Objectives - What will I learn?

ACT! Coach Training courses help people to use coaching skills as part of their ministry and calling in their communities, businesses and in all of their relationships.

Key Objectives:

  • Teaching foundational biblical curriculum for the professional coach to gain clarity and understanding on the role of coaching in a person's life from a biblical world viewpoint.
  • Preparing the professional coach who is seeking:
    • Advanced credentialing for the PCC and/or MCC levels.
    • Beginning credentialing for the ACC credential through ICF.
  • Maintaining credentialing status through ICF approved continuing education for the professional coach needing coach training hours.
  • Providing a "first step" foundational course for the person wanting to explore the coaching profession and core coaching tenants without making a large financial investment.


 "ACT! Coaching Training classes are engaging, challenging and practical

 - no matter the level!"


Added Benefits

Mentor Coaching Practicum (7 hours of ICF credentialing requirements!)

As part of the Way Of Life (WOL) coaching community you have the opportunity to accumulate 7 of your 10 required mentor coaching hours for ICF credentialing through our annual mentor coach practicum. This ten week practicum is offered each January and is made available to WOL mentor coaching clients and all current and past ACT! students. Coaching professionals in the general public are also invited to register.

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  • October 26

    Coaching as a Career Call
    12:00 PM - 12:45 PM ET


  • October 27 - 28

    Women's PLL Workshop 2017 Minnesota


  • October 30

    Coaching Skills Booster Call
    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET


  • December 11

    Coaching Skills Booster Call
    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET


  • January 22

    PLL Women Winter 2018
    7:00 PM - 9:00 PM ET


Hands-on, applied

and practical emersion

approach to becoming

a better listener, coach,

professional and person.

-Steve Mattingly