Business & Executive Coaching 

Way of Life Coaching, LLC (WOL)'s Business Coaching is ideal for the business professional seeking to sharpen skills, heighten professionalism, and increase their ability to adeptly handle real-world business scenarios in both a professional and Biblical way.

Our clients appreciate our coach approach based on biblical principals of integrity, honesty and true partnership where we work to 'under promise and over deliver' on our services every time. Our Business Coaching service offers you a confidential space in which to share your business-related challenges for the purpose of growth, empowerment and fulfillment - both for the business and for you, as an individual.

Your WOL coach will focus on your interests and goals throughout the coaching relationship, and through the use of creative, and thought-provoking questions, will help you uncover viable business solutions that support your professional objectives.


Why Does Coaching Work?  Click here to see the ICF research on business coaching effectiveness.


Business Coaching helps you to:

  •  Communicate more effectively

  •  Utilize resources more efficiently

  •  Succeed in conflict resolution

  •  Present more confidently

  •  Work peaceably with more types of people

  •  Maintain vision in the midst of strategic development or implementation

  •  Develop business strategies that support vision and align with company culture

  •  Live an integrated life in the midst of business challenges, upswings and downturns

  •  Expand possibilities for generating new workable solutions

  •  Strengthen teams

  •  Increase earning potential
  •  Function at higher capacity


Hire a coach for yourself or for your employees. Offer individual sessions to your staff or make group coaching available. No matter how you choose to use Business Coaching, we are confident that our Biblical approach can help your business reach its fullest potential.


The types of companies we serve:

  •   coaching for-profit and not-for-profit entities

  •   small startups and large organizations

  •   entry-level as well as executive professionals

  •   virtual organizations and operating within the challenges and opportunities inherent within


We look forward to helping you enter into a new way of life within your business! Contact us directly here.




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Things that

I only thought

might be possible

were turned into a reality

with coaching

from Cheryl Scanlan.

- Trinity Gregor