Mentor Coaching for Coaches


Dear Cheryl,
The more I grow as a coach, and then hear others who are younger in their coach training, I realize what a squeaky violin I was when I first started. Thank you for listening to all my many, many squeaky attempts at coaching and being SOOOOO patient with me!

It's only the best coaches who can hear the messiest of attempts at coaching and see a future coach among those messy sessions. Thanks for loving me well and hearing all my squeaks with such a loving, patient, gentle, training heart.
- Anonymous, CPLC (Certified Professional Life Coach)

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Mentor Coaching

Available for individuals who are on the road to becoming a professional life coach or are ready to prepare their practice/business for the next stage of growth and opportunity.

Credentialing Preparation  - There are so many programs and opportunities. Which is right for you? How do you plan for your future professional development and credentialing?

Business Development - Hanging a shingle is easy, building a solid business takes guts, planning, strategy and future mapping.  This is for those who want to create room for the business to grow.

Skills Enhancement - My first coach said, "The day you feel like you've arrived as a coach, it's probably time to quit coaching."  We are working with the hearts and lives of God's precious creatures.  Having worked with a mentor coach for over 5 years and continuing my own education with ferocity, I know that there is much for us to learn.  Let's learn together.

Process Implementation - Sometimes we know what we want to do, but are not sure the best way to go about implementing business strategic ideas.  For example, best way to schedule clients, invoice, manage files, bookkeeping.

Confidence Building - Often are biggest obstacle is our own lack of confidence or assuredness that we are doing well.  

Business Planning - It's not just about getting clients - it's about building capacity for the business to grow and expand as you develop and grow.





Cheryl asks

insightful questions

that help me gain

new perspectives for

my coaching business.

- Lizzie Branch