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"A significant event occurred in my life while I was President of a 30 million dollar corporation. When the company was sold, I made a personal commitment to ensure all of our 28 employees were reassignedinto positions that best suited their passions and skill sets. Not one employee was let go because each had become critical to the function of the business. Each person plays a part and has a purpose. As a coach, my goal is to help individuals move forward in their purpose, passion and/or pursuits, helping each to create a path towards satisfying, sustainable change. "

Professional Biography

Cheryl Scanlan, MCC, CMCC, BCC is president of Way of Life Coaching, LLC (WOL), a full-service coaching company that is focused on both the professional and personal development of its clients. See all of Cheryl's coaching credentials.

As a former executive of a multi-million dollar firm in New York, Cheryl knows the importance of business goals and the impact of teams. For more than a decade, she has worked with hundreds of professionals transforming people and their businesses in order to achieve their aggressive goals.

As an example, one client was able to double his revenue within one year. Another client experienced a complete transformation in her team - from dysfunctional communication and lack of cohesiveness to an environment of trust and cooperation.


In addition, Cheryl believes strongly in giving back. She developed a series of videos and an e-coaching process for professional development for The Sounding Board, a non-profit which serves to bolster soft skills and professionalism for those seeking to enhance their career path or their position in the marketplace.



Cheryl has developed two curricula, one is a long-standing ICF approved coach training program that has deeply impacted its students. The other, is a personal development curriculum, Promised Land Living launched in 2005. Cheryl is on faculty with the Professional Christian Coach Institute. She is a coach, mentor, leadership developer and trainer, and has served as Women's Minister and Care Director at her church. Her combined business acumen and passion for the Christian coaching industry have facilitated the development of confident ambassadors for Christ in both corporate and ministry environments.

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Cheryl will

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NEED to hear. 

She will press the grapes

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- Joseph Humphries