Individual Coaching

Imagine being in a space where you could think out loud without interruption while someone listened to you, always keeping your agenda, your goals, in front of you.

Sometimes, we get in the way of our own progress. Sometimes, life gets in the way of living. Sometimes, we just have a sense that with a little help or tweaking, we really could move forward. Sometimes, we're not sure if anything will change, but we are so sick of where we are at, we're willing to step into the unknown just to be free of living in the cycle of what we do know.


Individual coaching provides what might be termed a "facilitated monologue." Through this unique structure you receive:

  •   The space to consider, share, digest and explore with a trained, listening ear.
  •   Total focus on you and your best interest at all times.
  •   Creative and thought-promoting questions to help you determine your next step.


With confidentiality as a top priority, your Way of Life Coaching, LLC (WOL) coach will work with you to address the real-life issues you are facing - regardless of the circumstance, environment, or relationship involved. Whether you're facing challenges at home, work, in relationships, health, finances, or almost any other matter, your life coach can help. 

We look forward to helping you experience greater levels of clarity, courage and conviction leading to a more abundant way of life! For even more details about WOL's Individual Coaching, download this free PDF - CLARITY.CONVICTION.COURAGE


Matching Your Needs With WOL Packages and Coaches

Who would I be coaching with? We work at WOL to pair new clients with the coach we believe will best suit your needs. We offer tiered pricing with different coaching and coaching packages so to best accommodate your needs. We'll work with you to find the coach and package that best fits your needs. 

WOL offers a variety of packages to accommodate the various needs of our clients.  A client will be able to select that which fits best for them based on the following (package design can be altered prior to the next month of service) --


Session Length

Number of Sessions per Month

  • 2 sessions
  • 3 sessions
  • 4 sessions
  • 1 session (maintainence only)

Payment Terms

  • Payments are due by the first of each month


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This is a safe place -

play in it freely -

there is no condemnation

in Christ.

- Cheryl