About Way of Life Coaching, LLC

Our Focus

Since 2004, we have been about helping clients realize sustainable, transformational change and growth.
Our Approach

Our approach to coaching is this: you are in charge, not us. While you may feel tempted to look to us for direction, our intent is not to guide your decisions but to use the coaching process to help you ascertain and manage the goals, objectives and initiatives that you want to take. Our clients find this a liberating approach. We are here to support your movement forward, to provide strength when courage wanes, to inspire faith when doubt arises, and to keep you accountable when old patterns surface. We hope you invite us to join you in your journey of moving in the right direction!
Our Method

Our method involves a type of coaching that helps clients make a journey from their head to their hands (based on Romans 12:1-2). We believe that transformation occurs first in the mind and is expressed in the acceptable offering we give through our actions.

Our method helps you gain - 

Clarity: Around problems, purposes, passions and opportunities

Conviction: While condemnation stagnates, conviction motivates

Courage: To act in new ways not even thought possible before

Our Services

We offer five types of services for high level people development - 

Individual Coaching: We offer one-on-one coaching with a highly trained coach. This provides you with the most personalized, customized coaching to work through any issues you are facing.

Mentor Coaching: While many people want to become coaches, few have business experience. And even seasoned / current coaches need to fine tune their skills and prepare for their next level of certification. Let our mentor coaching help move your forward in your coaching career.

Promised Land Living Courses: We also offer personal development and coaching within a group environment. Promised Land Living is our group coaching course that is ideal for those who are eager to grow but who may not yet be ready or able to invest in individual coaching.

Business & Executive Coaching: Cheryl's executive experience of running a $30 million dollar corporation provides leverage for the executive looking for a coach who understands the dynamics at that level. Check out Cheryl's new website to learn more about professional or business coaching with Cheryl.
Our Team

Associate Coaches: In addition to receiving outside certifications and/or credentials, our associate coaches have also completed coach training through Way of Life. These coaches have been hand-picked to provide top quality service to our clients.

Friends of Way of Life: These folks are those through whom we contract services, individuals who are also strong believers. We share their information here with you as a bonus to both them and possibly to you, if you have need for one of these services listed. Let them know you found them on our site! While we don't get any renumeration for that, our reward comes through knowing our site has been been of help to them and to you!


Our Reason For Existing

Why do we do what we do? Because we value people and want to invest in their growth and development! You matter. That's why we exist.



A plan in the

heart of a man

 is like deep water, 

But a man

of understanding 

draws it out.

- Proverbs 20:5